Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand...
- Confucius


RMD Training has a large network of unique locations and accommodations with a creative and natural atmosphere. They range from a scenic farm in the North of the Netherlands to the snow-covered Pyrenees in France.

The venue is selected with care, since a new environment contributes directly to the acquisition of (fresh) insights. No person or organization is the same, that's why the the training and coaching programs of RMD are always custom made.

All our tailor-made programs and training courses offer you the opportunity to:

  • Become aware and give insight in your behavior and performance;
  • Take responsibility for your actions;
  • Make new and better choices;
  • Experience more joy in work, study or sports;
  • Optimize your management and leadership skills;
  • Work more efficient and goal minded.

For our training and coaching programs, we use powerful, experience-oriented metaphors and methods. Creating a safe space for participants to receive feedback and come to (new) insights.

Metaphors include:

  • Martial arts: Aikido en Brazilian Jiu Jitsu;
  • Animals: horses, sheep, dogs and birds of prey;
  • Outdoor and travel: French Pyrenees, Sweden, Iceland and the Sinai;
  • Organizational constellations, breath work, mindfulness and voice dialogue.

What will you experience

No matter which metaphor we work with, the benchmarks are always fixed. We start with the basics and step gradually out of your comfort zone. This is where your learning process starts!



Discover your frame of reference and dare to step out of it.



Reflect and become aware.



Act, practice, experience.



Become aware of the connection between body and mind.



What works for you and how are you going to anchor and implement this?

Who is Richard Melvin Dijkstra?

Richard is the owner and Managing Director of RMD Training. Since 1999 he uses his experience-based programs for personal and professional development, leadership and team leadership.

Richard studied International Management and Marketing at the International Business School in Groningen and the Middlesex Business School in London. After graduation, Richard worked for years as General Director of an event, training, incentive and consultancy company. In his spare time he practices the martial arts Aikido and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and currently holds the third degree black belt in Aikido. Nowadays, he conducts many experience-based programs for various companies and institutions.

Since a young age, Richard has had a strong interest in the psyche of the human being. He has taken various courses and part-time studies in this field of expertise throughout his life. For instance the studies, Master Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transpersonal Psychology and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Richard is a certified Psycho Physical Trainer as well.


From enterprises, government and the sports world.

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